About Me

Photo Credit: Melissa Binder
Spring, 2010:
I read the book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle last year, and was deeply impacted by Barbara Kingsolver's year-long experiment.  I have been on a healthy-eating quest ever since a cancer diagnosis in 2007, but this book took that quest to a new and more meaningful level.  Since then, I've focused more on eating local produce, organic when possible, and tried to raise as much of my food as possible.  It makes so much sense, and I believe it honors the God who created all this amazing food in the first place.  This blog contains recipes for all the abundant produce that we have been blessed with, organized by the specific fruit or vegetable.  Enjoy and be grateful for God's provision!

Late Summer 2010:
This is been a deeply spiritual journey!  I think I've finally found my niche  - a way of cooking and eating that instead of isolating me from others because of its wackiness, draws others in and inspires them to consider a similar approach.  My cancer diagnosis was incredibly difficult, in part, because of the food-related losses.  I've collected recipes for years from friends and family, and every recipe has some kind of memory associated with it.  How could I give up those recipes?  Who would want to sit at my table again and eat with me?  How would I be able to choke down healthful food (or afford it!)?  But this local, whole foods approach is not only flavorful, but beautiful, spiritual, economical and relational.  I never could have imagined that I would be happier on this side of the food crisis, but I am.  I like what I eat.  I enjoy cooking.  I feel deeply connected to God when I garden and do food prep.  And, best of all, others enjoy eating my food.  Consider the possibility that this could be your journey as well!

End of the Season Reflections,  Fall 2010
One of the blessings of eating locally and in season is contentment.  I'm happy eating my garden produce or fruits & veggies that are in season at the moment.  Instead of being lured to try exotic, imported fruits, or vegetables out of season, I'm able to enjoy eating foods that have been right under my nose all this time, in all kinds of combinations; in-season produce was meant to be eaten with each other!  How true that is of our lives in other arenas as well!  We're always looking ahead and beyond, missing the very treasures that are right in front of us, today.  I am so grateful for a home with a big enough back yard for a small garden, especially one with perfect sun exposure.  Thank you Lord!