Saturday, August 20, 2011

Squash Blossoms Stuffed with Ricotta and Herbs

I was searching for a recipe for stuffed squash blossoms on line, and came across the fantastic blog bell'alimento, featuring Italian-inspired recipes with absolutely fabulous photography.  Be sure to take a look the photos of her squash blossoms - so inspiring....  The reason they are such a delicacy is that blossoms are very perishable; they shouldn't be picked until just before using.  So, just another reason to grow your own food!  :) 
My adventurous eight-year-old nephew loved these.  I'm so grateful that he's an emerging foodie and can celebrate the joy of eating with me!

Source: bell'

 6 medium squash blossoms - washed, cleaned and trimmed
2 c. Ricotta, room temperature
1 T. flat leaf Italian parsley, chopped fine
2 large eggs, beaten
1 c. flour, or enough to dredge
vegetable or olive oil - enough to fry
salt & pepper

Place a few inches of oil (enough to submerge blossoms) into a deep-sided pot or fry machine and heat to 350 degrees.

Place the Ricotta and herbs into a small bowl and mix well to combine.  Season with salt and pepper.  Transfer into a pastry bag or zip lock bag and set aside.

Set up your dredging station by placing the beaten eggs into a small bowl and the flour into a separate bowl.  Set aside.

Wash and clean the squash blossoms and gently pat them dry.  GENTLY pull back the tops of the blossoms, insert the pastry bag and GENTLY squeeze enough of the Ricotta mixture in to fill the blossom without bursting it.  GENTLY twist the tops of the blossoms to seal.  Continue until all blossoms are filled.

Dredge the blossoms into the egg mixture and then coat with the flour.  Tap off any excess flour.  Continue until all blossoms are dredged.

Place blossoms into the heated oil and cook until golden (this will only take a few minutes).  When golden, transfer blossoms to a plated lined with paper towels to soak up any excess oil.  Season them lightly with salt while they're still warm. 

Best when eaten warm.


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